Prodeco Technologies is a manufacturer that was established with the sole purpose to REVOLUTIONIZE the electric bicycle industry. After three years of intensive research and development within the Industry, we believe USA BUILT is the only approach. Our MISSION is to provide the most innovative, latest in technology electric bicycles with breakthrough designs. We utilize only the highest quality components while maintaining a correct and affordable price, up to 50% less than the USA industry average. Our electric bicycles were also developed with weight savings as a priority and are up to 25% lighter. We commit pride and excellence to our dealers and customers. We maintain 100% in stock, 24-hour shipping of components and stand behind our two-year complete bike, battery and motor warranties with superior customer service.

The Prodeco 2014 model electric bicycles are the next generation in ebikes and we have raised the bar to offer the ULTIMATE in electric bicycles. Prodeco’s Goal is for the electric bicycle to become a household item in the USA. Prodeco Technologies set in place initiatives to provide our customers with affordable pricing, ease of service, while maintaining the highest level of standards. The quality level of components utilized in the production of an electric bicycle should maintain consistency throughout with full attention to the smallest of details. To set ourselves apart and develop an electric bicycle unlike most, changes had to be implemented from the current production of most electric bikes. Numerous examples of where Prodeco has surpassed the competition exist from the smallest detail to the most evident components. Some examples are as follows: sealed bearing bottom brackets versus many competitor’s retainer bearing bottom brackets - cartridge bearing alloy cap headsets versus retainer bearing steel cap headsets - aluminum chain guards versus plastic or steel chain guards - thick 12G stainless steel (rust resistant) spokes versus thin 14G steel (susceptible to rust) spokes - triple or double wall aluminum rims versus single or partial double wall rims - quick disconnect motors utilizing a wire harness versus single wire motors - LiFePO4 Li-ion 2000 charge cycle battery systems versus Manganese Li-ion 600 charge cycle battery systems – 2 (Two) Year 100% warranty versus a 1 (One) Year or less warranty - replacement parts at 25% less than retail shops versus replacement parts at 200% higher than retail shops - shipping fully assembled versus shipping partially assembled - Built in the USA versus Made in China - $999 sales price versus $1999 sale price and the list goes on. Even the packaging of our bicycles after production and testing is different than most. Prodeco uses a two part expanding foam system that encapsulates the bicycle in a top and bottom protective cocoon for shipping to avoid any possible damage.

Pricing & Service is extremely important for the electric bicycle to become a mainstream form of transportation in the USA. Prodeco believes the designs must be clean and simple with a two-year warranty on front to back components including the battery systems and motors. Ease of service is required with no component taking more time than five minutes to be replaced. Connections have to happen at the component level. Due to all assembly being done in the USA, Prodeco has an endless inventory of every single component in stock and readily available. Each component may be purchased separately at below industry average prices when comparing other manufacturer’s part replacement pricing. Our components are usually always of higher quality at a much lower price, up to 75% less.

Battery & Motor are the key components of the electric bicycle and Prodeco feels that no effort should be spared when quality, service and life expectancy are at issue. Battery: LiFePO4 is the latest technology developed in Li-ion Energy Cells; yet, so few manufacturers use this technology due to the higher cost. By Prodeco working directly with one of the highest regarded Li-ion LiFePO4 battery cell manufacturers in the world, there is no additional cost but an actual savings from the industry’s average pricing. The G Plus battery is a 2000 charge cycle 36 or 48 volt 9Ah 16 cell LiFePO4 system with a two-year warranty and is available separately at only $299. This compares to the typical ebike manufacturer’s 600 charge cycle Manganese or Polymer battery costing 50% higher while most only offering a 1-year warranty. Motors: Unlike Prodeco, the geared HUB motors in the industry today are very similar from one manufacturer to the next with the majority having a one-year warranty or less. Our extensive testing and research has enabled the G Plus series to utilize only the highest energy efficiency HUB motors backed by a full two-year warranty. Motor weight and performance were the most important factors requiring a perfect match to the programmed controller while marrying it to the Li-ion battery system. Not only does the Prodeco Storm 300 motor has a weight of just 5.5 lbs., while offering the performance, efficiency and longevity found on motors 50% heavier, it includes one of the first uses of a weather proof 8P connector only 10mm in diameter directly at the motor itself. This 8P connector allows for an easy two-minute motor swap out with fully assembled HUB motor wheels (motor, spokes & rims) being shipped if a warranty issue was ever to arise.

Motor Wattage and the higher cost of an ebike’s MSRP being related to motor watts is somewhat of a myth and confusion in the industry. The manufacturing cost of a 250W Motor is in affect identical to a 500W - 750W motor when mutual quality is considered. In reality, the smaller and lighter the motor (quality consistent), the higher the cost regardless of output power when reviewing motors of 1000W or less. Many manufacturers use wattage to artificially inflate the value of an ebike model. Prodeco offers motors from the 250W to 750W range for the exact same cost regardless of the model. Motors under 500W are normally free spinning geared brushless motors, and motors 500W or higher are typically direct drive brushless motors. Direct drive motors are less expensive to manufacturer than geared motors, thus offsetting the cost of the higher wattage. However, when lightweight and minimal size is a factor, there is usually an increase in the cost of HUB motors - the lighter the motor, the higher the cost if identical performance and longevity is required. Prodeco’s use of 250W motors on the G Plus series is for the ability to offer the longest distance available per battery charge. It is widely known the higher the motor wattage, the lower the distance per charge. Similar to an automobile running at 65mph for optimum fuel efficiency versus 80 MPH, ebike speeds above 16-17MPH require more energy per MPH than speeds under 17MPH. 250 Watts will allow the rider to travel at speeds twice the average rider pedals under their own power, while maintaining optimum energy usage. If a customer prefers higher wattage, realizing there is a shorter distance per charge and increase in weight, we can accommodate such motors readily available up to 750W on the Outlaw models. To calculate the amount of powered riding per charge, simply multiply battery volts by amps which will reflect the energy storage available, and divide by motor wattage. If purchasing a 24V 10Ah battery system which offers 240 watts (per hour) of power, divide by motor wattage and this equals the amount of powering the ebike will offer. Example: 24V 10Ah = 240W divided by 250W motor will equal just under an hour of traveling time. If traveling at 18mph (typical 250W motor), this will give a range of about 17 miles. A deduction should be included for a 10%-20% loss of efficiency depending on the motor. Rider weight, stop and go, inclines, terrain and wind will all have additional effects on range. For the riders who prefer longer distances between charges, Prodeco has developed a 36V 12Ah 32 cell LiFePO4 enhanced battery which slides into the same slot as the 36V 9Ah.

Throttle vs. Pedal Assist was researched by Prodeco over the last three years for the USA market. “Pedal Assist Only”, “Throttle Only” and “Pedal Assist combined with Throttle” were tested. Prodeco acknowledged that the majority of riders preferred “Throttle Only” so that they could vary the assist, and were not required to pedal. “Throttle Only” also eliminated the safety concerns of the bike lunging under pedal assistance. Throttling does decrease the distance per charge if the rider does not pedal; but, the throttles are variable and riders are encouraged to pedal along to enhance distance per charge. After a rider becomes accustomed to throttle usage, he/she can determine the distance per charge by varying speed and pedaling efforts.

Front Motor vs. Rear Motor use varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The benefits of utilizing a front motor outweigh the benefits of a rear motor. Cost is never an issue concerning front or rear drive motors since the cost is identical when producing either motor, with only the axle being slightly longer on rear drive motors. Within the ebike industry, there seems to be a 50/50 ratio with the leading manufacturers on the preference of motor positions. Giant for example on the Freedom DX uses a front motor system as well does Schwinn with the Continental but Trek uses a rear motor system on the WSD 7200+. Each of the three bikes ranges in price from $2200-$2500 with no savings either way. Prodeco believes the only situation were a rear motor drive is required is where the motor is 400W plus or a direct drive heavy motor. Prodeco’s Phantom X is a 500W direct drive motor and therefore on the rear wheel but still includes the disconnect wire harness directly at the motor for easy servicing.Most rear drive motors cause issues with weight balancing, the availability of quality drive train components and service difficulties especially if there is no disconnect at the motor. Weight balancing becomes an issue if the battery is also at the rear of the bicycle causing it to become back heavy. The latest technology drive trains require free body hubs and with a rear drive motor, a free body hub will not work. The use of threaded freewheel is required which was the dominate gear system from the 1960’s—1980’s and only basic gear systems are available from today’s drive train manufacturers for freewheel systems. Servicing rear drive motor systems can be difficult with some ebikes requiring an hour to change a flat due to no disconnect directly at the motor. To remove a rear motor wheel may require the complete removing of the motor wire. The benefits of a front motor drive are evident, such as the balancing is highly improved, the uses of the latest technology in gear systems are available and servicing can be simplified. Balancing is important and Prodeco’s battery and motor weight is almost identical. The 5.5 lb battery is mounted at the rear of the bicycle and the 5.5 lb motor is at the front which balances each other out. Prodeco’s use of a front motor also allows for the latest technology to be used at the rear axle. A Shimano HG cassette over a free body hub with quick release axle allows Prodeco’s G Plus electric bicycles to perform the same as any of today’s high quality traditional bikes. Not all ebike manufacturers who utilize front motor systems however take advantage of the ability for a free body hub, cassette versus freewheel or quick release axles. For servicing, the front motor wheel of any Mariner bicycle can be easily removed in one minute or less with the convenient disconnect directly at the motor. For Prodeco’s 20” folding models that do not use multiple gears, the incorporation of a sealed bearing hub rarely seen on any production ebike and quick release axle allows for an ultra smooth ride with no maintenance required. The Mariner 7 folding 8 speed 20 inch wheel bike is a wonderful compact transportation machine that can go anywhere in the trunk of your small car.

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