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Alternate energy transportation is a daily hot topic not only nationwide but worldwide. Ideas continue to surface on ways to decrease the reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the pollution caused by the burning of these fuels. A popular trend is the increasing “Going Green” term being implemented into our daily lives. PRODECOTECH electric bicycles cost on average 5 cents to charge (according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s May 2014 Average of 12 cents per KW). It requires roughly 400 watts to fully charge a Prodeco LiFePO4 battery system and with the cost of a kilowatt averaging 12 cents, the cost to charge is 4.8 cents. When traveling 20 miles per charge, and the cost being at 5 cents, the cost per mile is .25 of a cent. If gasoline on average cost $3 per gallon, divide by .0025 and this will equal to 1200 miles per gallon. More and more individuals are finding the benefits and cost savings of owning a PRODECOTECH electric bicycle as an addition to their traveling needs.
Go Green Save $Green$ Go 30 miles for $.08 of Electricity
The PRODECOTECH electric bicycles are the next generation in ebikes and we have raised the bar to offer the ULTIMATE in electric bicycles
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